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What Should You Know to Write Your MBA Dissertation Productively?

If you are looking for a career in management, then MBA is considered as the mandatory international business qualification. And for getting your MBA degree, it is necessary to write an MBA dissertation. You must know that writing an MBA dissertation is not that easy as composing books essays. It gives a clear view to the examiner of what all you have understood throughout your particular course. As it is the most important paper of your graduation, it requires day and night of hard work and intense study.

How you can make your dissertation effectively?
High standards of communication and presentation
Research and demonstration of work
Must have an academic approach

Tips to help you write your MBA dissertation productively:

Choosing the research topic of your interest
Be careful while selecting your topic as it decides your fate of getting the degree or not. Don’t choose a topic that you are some what disinterested in as at a later stage it becomes tedious to write on it. What makes writing your dissertation interesting, is the fact of making your own ideas and notions about a subject and then proving the world that your ideas are right. Choosing a topic of your interest won’t seem like work to you, thereby, making writing of dissertation exciting. You can choose any form like a case study, a business plan or a business report. .

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Carry out thorough research
While writing dissertation, it is suggested to conduct both qualitative as well as quantitative research. It must be factual as well as ascertain validation of those facts. Then, you should definitely have plenty of information that too relevant to support your basic topic of thesis. Don’t just limit yourself on old and mundane ways of compiling your dissertation.

Word limit
Check the guidelines provided by your university for your dissertation length. Assume your dissertation length to be 15000 words. This word limit must not include appendices, reference, title, acknowledgment etc. it is better suggested to consult your advisor for deciding the length of your thesis.

Consult your advisor:
Last but the most important advice to write a productive MBA dissertation is to remain in touch with your advisor. He is the only person to dot upon as he can provide you with the valuable information that even internet or any other book cant give. He is the only person who can give you constructive criticism and help you in making your dissertation better. So it is your responsibility to make a visit to him every time and get your thesis checked.

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